FIGARO English ver.

The FIGARO was one of the three “Pike Car” models based on the first-generation of MARCH, and was a limited sale of 20,000 units through three lotteries.

As the term “Pike Car” refers to “a car with a particularly retro or radical design,” it was designed in a “rounded retro style.

The concept was “love supremacy,” and it was called “Tokyo Nouvelle Vague,” advocating a “new wave.

The car was named after FIGARO, the main character in Mozart’s opera “The Marriage of FIGARO”.

The car was equipped with the E-FK10 model and the TARBO version of the MA10ET engine (water-cooled inline four-cylinder OHC Nissan ECCS 1000cc 76ps/6000rpm, 10.8kgm/4400rpm).

It was a four-seater with a three-speed automatic transmission.

Here are some images from the catalog issued in 1991, the year of the lottery,.


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